Increase income opportunities for Fixed Operations, Sales, and F&I by bringing sublet and manufacturers aftermarket programs in-house!

Our programs utilize industry-leading products, training and support to ensure a smooth implementation process and long-term operation. 

Our technical training experts provide industry-leading training on all of our programs to ensure quality application in a timely fashion. Plus, with all of our programs, our customers have access to multiple layers of support for inventory and ordering, equipment questions and repairs, technical support, marketing support and materials. Plus, with all of our programs, our customers have access to multiple layers of support for inventory and ordering, equipment questions and repairs, technical support, and marketing support and materials.


P2 Ultraliner is the highest level of permanent protection for your customer’s vehicle. 

Sprayed on-site, the UltraLiner product is the only OEM approved repair product ensuring the same quality you would expect from the manufacturer. UltraLiner protects step rails, rocker panels, bumpers, and even entire vehicles, creating additional income opportunities for the dealership.


Our 3-day on-site training course ensures that our dealer members are educated and trained in all aspects of equipment maintenance, industry safety practices, application and preparation techniques. Be ready to spray immediately after completion.


XPEL paint protection is made to perform and keep vehicles looking their best. Perfect for daily drivers and weekend warriors alike.

XPEL Paint Protection Film's high clarity, discoloration and stain resistance, edge seal technology, and quality top coats ensure long-lasting protection of your customer's vehicles. Combine that with the Design Access Program (DAP) to ensure proper cutting and fitment of patterns, XPEL’s industry-leading solution can be tailored to your dealership’s specific needs.


We teach you how to offer your customers supplementary coverage by offering the protection programs at the point of sale and how to work with our claims department to resolve claims quickly.


P2 GRAPHENE PURE is, hands down, the most advanced surface protection technology in the automotive industry.  

This coating protects paint from minor scratches, swirl marks, and damage from UV Rays. It also reduces water spotting by 50-75% compared to ceramic coatings, has self-cleaning properties, and promotes a high-gloss paint finish with improved colour depth.

This coating will make your customers’ vehicles look incredible while providing lasting protection thanks to its Five Year Underwritten Guarantee. With an average drive away time of four hours or less, it can improve vehicle coating efficiency and supercharge your detail department as well. Be a part of the next generation of surface protection!


 We ensure all students receive the personal attention needed to apply a P2 GRAPHENE PURE coating to even the most challenging of vehicles. After training, a Five Year Underwritten Guarantee can be provided with every application completed by the technician that meets the Terms and Conditions of the Guarantee.

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