P2 UltraLiner provides an industry-leading OEM quality product that dealers can spray in house to provide additional revenue and help increase their bottom line. The UltraLiner program combines this industry-leading product with Technical Support, Training and Customer service from the WD Co-Auto teams ensuring a high-quality product with minimal downtime while ensuring correct application and usage of the product. 

  • Additional income stream for Fixed Operations and Front End
  • Industry Leading Training
  • Exceptional service provided for members across Western Canada
  • Competitive Lease Program



Ultraliner provides your customer with permanent protection alongside a lifetime warranty. UltraLiner is the only OEM approved repair product providing your customer with the security that they are choosing the best product on the market. We provide both High and Low-Pressure systems to best service dealers of any size. We will work with you to provide the right solution to fit your Dealership.


Our 3-day onsite training course ensures that our dealer members are ready to spray immediately after completion. We educate and train your applicators in all aspects of equipment maintenance, industry safety practices, application and preparation techniques. This ensures your technicians are able to complete a job in a timely manner using the appropriate amount of product while keeping your equipment in great condition to avoid repairs or downtime. 

Service You Can Count On

Serviced by a team of professionals you can count on us to ensure that your operation runs smoothly and downtime is minimized. Your local Territory Manager will visit the location on a regular rotation and will act as your first point of contact for any support or product ordering questions. Your UltraLiner specialist is only just a phone call or video call away to answer any application questions that arise. They will also visit your location on a regular rotation for application tips and tricks to ensure your equipment running smoothly.


XPEL is one of the most trusted brands in the automobile protection industry and our XPEL PAINT PROTECTION FILMS provide the same unparalleled quality and warranty as the rest of our products. 

XPEL was born out of a true passion for automobiles and the driving experience. Each one of these products was designed with the uncompromising determination to achieve the best possible appearance, performance and longevity. 

XPEL uses state-of-the-art technology and research to bring you the highest level of quality. If you share our passion for unparalleled quality, you will find that the meticulous workmanship, testing and development that go into each product will exceed your expectations.


WD Co-Auto is proud to offer our Dealers a Program specific to Paint Protection Film. 

Our partnership with XPEL is important to us. The efforts put forth from their resources to focus on developing state-of-the-art film, patterns, software, and marketing tools has set new standards in this growing industry. 

Coupled with our Sales representatives across Canada, allows us unparalleled services for our Dealers that delivers; program information, set-up, product, training and after-sale service with minimal wait time.

The XPEL Design Access Program (DAP) Software is internet based and allows access to XPEL’s Pattern Libraries in real time, eliminating time consuming or tedious manual updates. With a plotter, 

kits can be produced on-demand without the need to inventory pre-cut products.

Additional Information